Audio & Video

We will host it for you

When you have audio and video files such as a sermon, lecture or a show you have created the next step is to make it available to the world. 

We have grouped all of your media files in the Dashboard as Podcasts. A Podcast is simply a group of media files with some additional information such as a Title, Author, a Category that describes the content. 

Putting your media in an Orbital Podcast allows 2 different features. 

 - Every site has a media player that will list the media items on your website for visitors to watch or listen to directly from your website.

 - Your podcast can automaticall be submitted to popular podcasting directories (iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play) where anyone can subscribe to it and receive the latest content when you upload an episode to Orbital.

Your Podcast

To create your podcast click the Create A Podcast link in the Dashboard.

Managing your media

You've created your Podcast in the Dashboard. The next step is to add an Episode. This is your media file (audio or video) with some information about it like Title, Description, a Release Date and an Author or speaker.

From the podcast page you will see a list of your podcasts, click the Add Episode link for the podcast you want to upload this file to.