Adding Pages

Building up your site

Managing pages is a simple step, go ahead and a few pages, move them around to reorder and even nest one page under another.

In the Studio, click Manage Pages on the left sidebar.

Now you can click Add Page, enter a name and click Save. That's it.

Your Site Has Pages

With pages added to your site you will notice the navigation for the site will update to include the new pages you have created. Use the navigation in the site window to select the page in the Studio editor left side bar.

You will see the content of the left sidebar update to show the sections on that page.

Sections are for your content

There is always a Header and Footer for your entire site. Those are good for your logo, contact information, maybe links to your social networks. 

In between these are the sections that are unique to your page. 

Click Add Section to pick from a list of section types, you'll see different types; text, text & photo, list and media.

Select a section and some content, change the text, add a photo and get a feel for how that section affects your site. You might add a few sections before landing on the one that really fits for your content, that's part of the process for building your site.

It's kinda fun when you get into it.