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Organizing Your Site

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You have probably heard of web pages, they are the most basic element of a web site - which is just a collection of pages. In fact, you are looking at a web page right now.

You are also looking at a section. Although, not as famous as the web page a section is the building block of your web page. It's a way to put your content into related groups of text and images.

As you are building your Orbital Site you will create many different sections so let's talk about the options we offer for your sections.

Header & Footer

The most common sections are the header and footer. They appear on every page on your site. So in our sidebar editor you will see a list of the sections on every page and we show you these two sections on every page. Your site only has one header and one footer so editing them anywhere will adjust their content across the entire site.

In the editor for each of these sections there is one main photo item, this is best for your logo or identity. And there are 1 - 3 text areas and these can be used for a variety of important content.

Good content for your header and footer text sections would be; contact information, social media icons, address of your location or a list of important pages on your site that you wish to always have access to.

Text & Photo

Sections of this type are great for connecting an image or photo to the text of your section. Photos are powerful communicators to reinforce the words and thoughts you are expressing to the visitors of your site. Always make sure to use high quality photos and whenever possible use photos that include people because that is usually a more effective photo.

There are many resources for photos, we happen to really like Unsplash.

There will be a couple options for sections with text & photo. Use a variety on your page to make it visually interesting and even the same section type can be made to look unique with the design, color and layout options available in the section editor.

You are on your way to building a content rich site and your visitors will appreciate the thought you put into organizing the content for them.

List Sections

One of the most powerful section types available for you. The list section offers the standard header, subheader, body text and photo content and the option to add an endless amount of items.

This section type helps you to present groups of similar content. Whether it is a list of staff members, options to chose from, a menu of food or services that you offer you can show your visitors a lot of similar items in a sensible way.

When you are editing your section you will see the list of your list items, clicking into any one of those will bring up the content for that list where you can edit the elements within. Each list item will have text and photo content available.