Colors & Fonts


Each design we offer has the option to change colors and fonts. This comes in the form of preset themes, a collection of curated colors and fonts. For the more color specific design needs we offer you to customize the colors to your liking.

We make sure your text is always readable on any background color and on any device shape or size.

When you click on Design Settings at the top of the left sidebar you will see the options to change the preset colors and fonts we will show you immediately how your site will look.

Try out the options, it's easy and only when you click Save are your changes set.

Section Options

Each section can be customized to allow greater variety to the design of your site.

Click into the section you wish to change. At the top of the sidebar editor you will see color options that are based off your site's design settings.

This makes sure every section fits nicely into the overall aesthetic of your site while providing many options to make the content uniquely displayed.

Our Goal

To make it easy to customize your site